Marketing platform maintenance API

Have you changed your logo or email auto-reply? Have you discovered 1000’s of copyright dates from years past? No matter the task, our maintenance API can efficiently modify thousands of assets within your marketing automation platform with ease.

Save time and resources while making a BIG impact.

Our maintenance API is ready to deploy 1000’s of digital workers to locate and update your outdated information within a Marketing Automation Platform. Expanding with every custom requests, this API has grown into something more robust than we ever could have imagined.

Code Updates

Quickly find and replace anything from outdate logos, footers, T&Cs, to field merges. This is a great chance to implement Dynamic Components too.

Asset Settings

Mass updating your assets settings efficiently is as a breeze. Link tracking, footers, folders or groups, there isnt much we havent modified.

Tracking Tags

Inspecting and updating tracking tags manually is unrealistic. Send 1000’s of digital workers out to update or remove outdated tags in one easy step.

Search Party

Maybe you are unaware of how much outdated content you have? We can send out a search party to inventory all unwanted content for you!

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